Feels fresh like a plucked rose
Thats what your mind, body and soul chose
Everything perfect from a smile to a pose
Both eyes glow
Love is clear on the face it can show
Romantic whispers and lines that flow
A mutual feeling yet to develop and grow
The nights are romantic
The hangouts are fantastic
The stares are everlasting
Everything disrupting is disgusting
The words ‘i love you’ are an anthem
The belief of doubt is not among them
Strong as a stem
New feeling never the same
Some are true some just a game
Huny is the word in exchange of the name
Calculated future under a perfect time frame
The touch is tame
Kisses under the moon
promises ‘i will never leave you forget soon’
A hidden silver lining for every spoon
for the days the vows on one knee will be droping


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